The plan was to put a military tanker in the middle of the room during the event. The compromise resulted in top school principals and educators donning war paint and performing drills at the defence force head quarters for a photo opp that accompanied the press release. Their message: we are serious about changing things in education in Jamaica.

This was the outworking of the creative concept that shaped the marketing programme for the 2016 School Leadership Summit but on by the JN Foundation. The Foundation team entrusted the creative conceptualising and creative execution to the VerbComm leadership.

The success of that event saw that trust renewed for the 2017 staging of the SEBI summit. This time the concept was a social stock exchange – selling the idea the social enterprises are businesses with investment potential at the level of the stock exchange.

VerbCommunication led on concept development, attendee management and event content design for both events. Our collaboration on the marketing communication caused the event to surpass more than $1m in media coverage.

VerbComm conceptualized and executed strategies that helped the 2016 School Leadership Summit’s team exceed registration goals ahead of deadline and delivered a trending Twitter status.


Verb Communication conceptualized and executed strategies that resulted in the 2016 School Leadership Summit’s registration goals being exceeded ahead of deadline and a trending Twitter status.

VerbCommunication proposed the event concept for SEBI Project 2017 and was also instrumental in leveraging media coverage for the event. 


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