The Team

The VerbCommunication philosophy is anchored in the idea of helping companies to do well so they can do good. For us, to ‘Do Good’ is to simultaneously sustain investment and benefit in social and commercial interests that contribute to the creation of an economically independent Jamaica. VerbCommunication envisions and works towards a Jamaica that relies less and less on external aid to resolve socioeconomic issues. We are after sustainable development for people, planet and profit. It’s hard work, but it’s good business. 

Our Core Team

Brand Communication Manager.

 Administrator and Financial Manager.

Founder/CEO | Creative


Dr. Renee Rattray

CEO of TeachGood LeadGood

Negash Davidson

 Founder/Design Consultant at Represent

Dania Beckford

Brand Communication Specialist 

Natalie Graham
BrandBuilder & Storyteller at RockWhimsy
Wendell Lawrence

Managing Director of Spurr Empire

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